switch the light off and shut the door when leaving

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switch the light off and shut the door when leaving

David Gauchard


Rsync is extensively using non blocking descriptors, in a very efficient

In some piece of software I'm writing, I serialize the rsync server in a big

Once rsync--server has finished chatting with rsync-client, its closing
leaves stdin in a non-blocking state which breaks some semantics if stdin
was in a blocking state before starting rsync--server.

I currently reset stdin to its blocking state using an external tool, but I
believe things would be alot smarter if rsync--server would leave stdin as
it found it (or at least, in its blocking state).

What do you think ?

Anyway, thanks alot for making/maintaining this efficient piece of software
so that it is available everywhere.

I hope nobody was hurt with the mail subject, I did not intend to :)


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