stale socket file under msg.sock in samba4.6.4

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stale socket file under msg.sock in samba4.6.4

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basically I have a script periodically run

/usr/sbin/winbindd winbindd -i -s <config_file> -d0

until it is success.

but the problem is, every time winbindd failed, it left two stale socket
files under <private dir>msg.sock and two stale lock files under msg.lock.

so with time passing, finally it comsumes all the inodes in my disk and I
can do nothing.

I know that we can config "messaging : messaging dgm cleanup interval = 1"
to clean up the message socket, but this does not work for me as in my
case, winbindd exit when the domain_list can not be inited.

the following is where the winbindd exit
Could not fetch our SID - did we join?
unable to initialize domain list

is this a bug, or I can config something to fix it?

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