samba.tests.dsdb is not idempotent

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samba.tests.dsdb is not idempotent

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When the test
samba.tests.dsdb.DsdbTests.test_set_attribute_replmetadata_version is
run two times in the same test run, it fails. This is a problem for
Python3 porting, where the tests need to be run for both versions of the
interpreter in the same run.

The trouble is that I'm lost as to what the test actually does -- I'm
not familiar with terms like "sequence number" or "USN", and the code
calls a maze of functionality deep inside Samba/LDB.

Could I ask you to look at the issue and provide a pointer into what's
wrong here?
I'm attaching a reproducer (run with `make test TESTS=tests.dsdb`).

Thank you and have a nice day.


0001-Run-tests.dsdb-for-the-second-time-to-reproduce-prob.patch (1K) Download Attachment