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samba as AD corrupt groups

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I'm using two samba servers for the active directory of my school​ one as
domain controller and the second as backup domain controller. Recently I
realize that for some of my groups several members had been dropped. Other
one are duplicate. As of the result of this command:

ldbsearch -H sam.ldb cn=U_visu

member: CN=tulay,

member: CN=tulay,

member: CN=semaoz,

​I tried samba-tool dbcheck which gave me lots of error​s relative to these
groups but was not able to fix it even though it said it does.

samba-tool dbcheck --fix

ERROR: orphaned backlink attribute 'memberOf' in
CN=tulay,CN=Users,DC=ilkokul,DC=nds,DC=k12,DC=tr for link member in
Remove orphaned backlink memberOf [YES]
Fixed orphaned backlink memberOf

​For now I'm considering restorate from a backup but the warnings there: push
me to ask on this list before doing anything else.

I'm using samba Version 4.7.3 and any help would be greatly appreciated.