new IP on an iface and nmb's behaviour

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new IP on an iface and nmb's behaviour

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hi everyone, I've tried samba@ but with no luck at all.

I observe a peculiar "behaviour" behaviour of nmb, peculiar
to me at least, could be that "this is how it works", thus

If I add an IP on the iface that nmb is already operating (I
use: bind interfaces only = yes) then I see such a message:

Samba name server GOER is now a local master browser for
workgroup PRIV_NET on subnet

204 is that new IP, but then windows boxes do not seem to
get logon.bat nor the server is accessible via \\GOER
Unfortunately domain runs in environment where DNS is
managed by third parties thus need for nmb.

Can you tell if this is normal?
And how can it be fixed so nmb would still be accessible,
either it does not care about this new IP or it does care
but clients can get to it?

many thanks,