feature request: rsync dereference symlinks on cmdline

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feature request: rsync dereference symlinks on cmdline

Ken Chase
This post


explains most of what i want, but basically, looking for a find -H option to rsync.

Reason is so that I can hit a source (or target!) dir in rsync by making a nice
dir of symlink maps.

For eg openVZ names their containers with ID#s which isnt very condusive to
careful handling/recognition:

100/ 101/ 102/ 103/


Id like to create a dir of symlinks, a map (I think this would work on the
target too?)

customer1 -> ../production/100
customer2 -> ../production/101
customer3 -> ../production/102

and have rsync write dirs

customer1/ customer2/ customer3/

in the target.

Obviously I could do this by iterating over the source's 100 101 102 adnd
point at custom target names, etc, but that gets tedious and requires manually
updating the script to get any new sources that are added.

Obviously I dont want --copy-links, as I want only those links mentioned on
the command line to be dereferenced, not those inside the tree.

Ken Chase - Toronto Canada
Heavy Computing - Clued bandwidth, colocation and managed linux VPS @151 Front St. W.
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