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extending jcifs filter

Abhijeet Sarwate
I want to use jcifs for my app in following way:
If the user is not logged in,
          log user using NTLM authentication:
         proceed ahead.
If I put jcifs NTLM servlet in filter as shown:



<filter-name>NTLM Filter</ filter-name>




<filter-name>User Filter</ filter-name>

<filter-class>UserFilter</ filter-class>


<param-name>UserDB_DS</ param-name>

<param-value>OracleUserDBDS</ param-value>


Then it will go to the domain controller on each request, which I don't want to happen.
I wrote a servlet extending NtlmHttpFilter which does the same thing I wanted. But a new problem poped up: the request passed on is empty....
Is there any solution to this problem?