Samba4 + NFS server

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Samba4 + NFS server

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OK my problem is:

- I Installed Samaba4
- I Created a Domain
- Created users
- Windows workstations Joined Domain
- DNS is Bind9

Every thing is going OK for windows users.

I am a windows administrator who started to convert for Linux lately so please be kind to explain a step by step please with examples so I can understand

I want to install NFS server that authenticate from the samba4 server so after i installed the Samba4 server i followed the following link:

but my first problem was:
1- following the documentation I got stuck at this command:

((kadmin -q "addprinc -randkey nfs/nfs-server.domain") which as I understand should add a principle for the NFS I think it should be written in a different way on samba4 as it is my KDC

kadmin is the command if I am using normal kerbrous server  

What is the alternative command for samba 4 and how to complete my setup of the NFS server
If you can reply with the needed steps to install NFS server and how to configure it to authenticate using kerberos authentication from Samba4 I would be thankful.