Samba PDC, ldap or mysql????

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Samba PDC, ldap or mysql????

Mark Nehemiah
Hi All,
      I'm really under the gun to rid ourselves of our existing nt4 pdc.
I like the looks of pGina a lot, but have some issues with citrix:(
So, I'm ready to migrate to a samba pdc.
Trying to decide what's the best pdb to use.
several samba servers in production for years, in the nt4domain
~300 users
would like other admins to be able to add users,machines,etc. easily
have played with ldap, not afraid of,have used for email address books.
NO current production level ldap here.
MySql running for several years.

I think I would like to use MySql as the backend.
Question:, is the mysql backend as well integrated as LDAP?
adduser scripts etc.

Would really like to hear peoples real-world experience with both.


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