[Release Planning 4.4] Samba 4.4.11 on Thursday(?)

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[Release Planning 4.4] Samba 4.4.11 on Thursday(?)

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Samba 4.4 is officially in the security fixes only mode, but there are
some important bug fixes available right now, so I would like to propose
to release Samba 4.4.11 on Thursday, March 16. This will very likely be
the last maintenance relrease of the Samba 4.4 release series.

has been updated accordingly.

This also means, the release branch is frozen now. If there are any
important issues, please feel free to contact me.



Karolin Seeger https://samba.org/~kseeger/
Release Manager Samba Team https://samba.org
Team Lead Samba SerNet https://sernet.de