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Kevin Korb
Going with just rsync you would have to maintain a local backup as well
then use --write-batch to make a diff file to also upload to your
offsite storage.

Outside of rsync maybe rdiff-backup can do this easier?

On 02/10/2017 11:20 AM, Florent B wrote:

> Hi everyone,
> Sorry if I don't use the right words, but I don't know how to call what
> I need, and I don't know if it already exists.
> My use case :
> I do backups using rsync, between a local NAS and a remote system of
> archiving (C14 from
> The goal of C14 service is to "archive" files, and that's the "archive"
> action that cost money : I can rsync for free to a temporary system, but
> when I ask them to archive the temp space, it costs me money.
> Of course, unarchiving costs too.
> So when I want to do "incremental" backups of my NAS, if I
> unarchive/archive it costs me a lot of money for nothing, only to get
> the list of previously backed-up files (and update them of course).
> If rsync was able, at the moment of first rsync, to create a file
> containing the list of all backed-up files (with checksums I think), and
> re-use it later for incremental backup, it could be nice.
> Do you know if it's possible ?
> Thank you a lot.
> Flo
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