[PATCH] xattrs_native and xattrs_tdb Python 3 compatible

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[PATCH] xattrs_native and xattrs_tdb Python 3 compatible

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Here is another patchset with samba.xattrs_native and samba.xattrs_tdb
modules in Python 3 compatible form. Both modules seems to have good
test coverage so I just enabled executions of them with Python 3.

Thank you and have a nice day.


0003-python-tests-Module-samba.tests.xattrs-is-Python-3-c.patch (1K) Download Attachment
0002-python-Make-samba.xattrs_tdb-bindings-Python-3-compa.patch (2K) Download Attachment
0001-python-Make-samba.xattr_native-binding-Python-3-comp.patch (2K) Download Attachment