[PATCH] calculate extra password hashes and store in supplementalCredentials

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[PATCH] calculate extra password hashes and store in supplementalCredentials

Samba - samba-technical mailing list
Revised patch set to generate sha256 and sha512 password hashes and
store them in supplementalCredentials.  Note that multiple instances of
a hash are permitted.

Changes to samba-tool

Changes to virtualCryptSHA256 and virtualCryptSHA512 attributes.
The values are now calculated as follows:
1) If a value exists in 'Primary:userPassword' with
   the specified number of rounds it is returned.
2) If 'Primary:CLEARTEXT, or 'Primary:SambaGPG' with
   '--decrypt-samba-gpg'. Calculate a hash with the specified number of
3) Return the first {CRYPT} value in 'Primary:userPassword' with a
   matching algorithm

Comments and review appreciated.

0005-idl-drsblobs-add-the-blobs-required-for-Primary-user.patch (2K) Download Attachment
0006-tests-password_hash-remove-unused-import.patch (837 bytes) Download Attachment
0007-tests-password_hash-fix-white-space.patch (1K) Download Attachment
0008-docs-configuration-options-for-extra-passwod-hashes.patch (3K) Download Attachment
0009-tests-password_hash-add-tests-for-Primary-userPasswo.patch (19K) Download Attachment
0010-password_hash-generate-and-store-Primary-userPasswor.patch (11K) Download Attachment
0011-samba-tool-tests-add-tests-for-userPassword.patch (19K) Download Attachment
0012-samba-tool-add-support-for-userPassword.patch (12K) Download Attachment
signature.asc (484 bytes) Download Attachment