[PATCH] Handle EACCES when fetching DOS attributes

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[PATCH] Handle EACCES when fetching DOS attributes

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Attached is a patch for bug 12944.

Patchset is already reviewed by Christof, so I'm going to push in 24 hours if
noone objects. :)

Fwiw: I tried to add a test for this, but unfortunately the POSIX permission
code insists on adding S_IRUSR to the requested permissions when trying to set
the SD for a file from the smbtorture test. As the test requires a file lacking
read access for the user and I couldn't come up with a means to achieve that
from within autobuild without a being shoehorned into a serious battle with the
POSIX ACL subsystem, I skipped the test.


bug12944.patch (7K) Download Attachment