Number of groups limitation on OpenIndiana (Solaris) w/ 3.6.11

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Number of groups limitation on OpenIndiana (Solaris) w/ 3.6.11

I have run into a strange problem trying to run Samba 3.6.11 on OpenIndiana (think OpenSolaris) 151a7.  I acquired 3.6.11 using the OpenCSW package but have also compiled 3.6.12 from source and experienced the identical issue.  This seems to be an issue with Winbind.

I appear to be encountering yet another variant of the old "16 groups" limit.  OpenIndiana has this by default, but I've included "set ngroups_max = 128" in /etc/system and rebooted for this to take effect.  It clearly works, per the following tests:

1.  I created a local user with memberships in ~30 groups.  "id -a" lists all of them, and I am able to access directories which require those group permissions.

2.  I have a user in our Active Directory domain that belongs to many groups.  I can "su domain\\user" on the Unix side successfully.  "id -a" once again shows every single group.  If I have Samba running and use "pcred" to examine the credentials associated with this user's smbd, I am shown that every single group is accounted for.

3.  The problem is that most of the groups from my AD user aren't functional when changing directory.  If I attempt to "cd" into a directory to which the AD account has group permissions, it is generally denied.  What I've found is that only a very few of the groups seem to work, the rest are rejected.  "cd" fails from the command line, and in smbd a message is logged about "vfs_chdir" failing.  Looking at the code, this appears to ultimately translate back to a simple "chdir()" call.

I will file a bug on this but wondered if anyone was aware of this issue and a workaround.