New release of IntegraTUM Webdisk

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New release of IntegraTUM Webdisk

Thomas Bley
Hello all,

a new release of the webdisk is available:

New features:
- extract (uploaded) zip files
- show file and directory permissions together with the option to
resolve SIDs using an LDAP connection to the domain controller
- directory listing is followed by the content of dirinfo.txt (if it
exists in the directory)
- upgrade to jCIFS 1.2.7
- applied and fixed ACE patch from jCIFS 1.2.7
- edit text files directly in the webdisk

New features from Joe Wilde:
- log4j logging for monitoring user actions like login/out, up/download
rename, move, create, delete, cut/paste, etc.
- Options to disable display of hidden shares, directories, and/or files
- Option to set maximum number of files to download simultaneously
- Option to hide "Show previous versions"-button [= special snapshot
feature in Netapp OnTap]
- Configurable page title prefix
- Disable home dir/favorites if not set
- Setting to allow access to specific or any unlisted server(s)
- Optional welcome message being displayed to the user when he logs in

Updating from previous version:
- make a backup of your web.xml and change the new web_default.xml to
web.xml including your settings

I had no time to test NetApp OnTap and Windows 2003 intensively,
therefore this release is named beta.

Best regards,
Thomas Bley