Network protocol - how to detect message termination

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Network protocol - how to detect message termination

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Currently I'm developing an rsync packet sniffer and I'm trying to understand the basics of the network protocol.
I had a hard time analyzing the source code and couldn't find the answers to the 2 main issues I have:

1. How do I detect the end of the file list message(s) sent by the sender?
2. How do I detect the end of the checksums message(s) sent by the receiver?

According to the "when the sender is sending the file list it simply
sends each file list entry and terminates the list with a null byte. Within the file list entries, a bitfield
indicates which fields of the structure to expect and those that are variable length strings are simply null terminated.
The generator sending file numbers and block checksum sets works the same way", but I don't find this statement to be true.

For the sake of simplicity please consider daemon-mode connection with no additional options.

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