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Hi Team,

Presently my project is using jcifs-1.3.15.jar to support the SMB protocol. However this jar is support only SMB1. Since our Windows server is upgraded and support for SMB1 is limited or no longer exist.
So, we will be moving to support SMB2 or SMB3.  I would like to know do we have any latest version which support SMB2 or higher? 
I also found some similar version in git hub page
​ saying that will support SMB2 or higher. But it also mentioned that to use Java version 1.7?

​We really need to use Java 1.7? since my project is running with Java 1.6 several years and upgrading Java version is quite big deal for me.

Please advise.​

​Thanks & Regards,
Mohamed K. Majeed H.​