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File extensions through Samba

Bradley (Samba List)
I'm hoping this is on topic or has been solved by someone on this list.

This involves Samba, Fedora Core 2 and Gnome Nautilus 2.6.0
When I see a .JPG (upper case) file using Samba on my win2k machine frim my
Linux box, I am not able to see a thumbnail or open with the default
I also am not able to associate it with a program through Gnome.

If I change the extention to .jpg (lower case), on the Samba share, I can
see a thumbnail and Eye of Gnome will open it with a double click.
However...If I drag the file to my home directory on the local Linux
computer, it will show a thumbnail and open even if the extention is upper

Does anyone know how I can make the Win2k .JPG files behave the same as the
.jpg files without changing the names of thousands of files?

Thanks for your time,


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